IP Request Form

Please review the department's Computer & Network Security Polcies as well as the recommended best practices before filling out this form.

Your full name or research group if this is a shared lab computer.
PI, Advisor, Professor, group you are associated with, or "self" if you are the PI.
Computer, Laptop, Printer, laptop network adapter.
Select which one or ones apply if the system is dual boot. Or specify..
Example: Dell Precision 3630, Lattitude laptop, Asus laptop, Mac, custom build PC, etc...
The MAC address is a unique address assigned to a network interface. It often looks like this: 1c:00:00:d8:c2:7d or 1c-00-00-d8-c2-7d.

If you currently do not know your MAC address or how to find it please fill out this form while you are connected to the wired network so it can be looked up based on your IP address.

UC owned is purchased with university funds/grant usually through Gateway. Personally owned is anything purchased with personal funds which you were not reimbursed for.
By submitting the form and selecting Agree you are agreeing to follow the follow Computer & Security Policies as well as the best practices.