Tuition & Financial Support

Financial Support

100% of the incoming PhD graduate students in Fall 2024 received full financial support.  Support can come in three ways: Fellowships, Graduate Student Research Positions, and Teaching Assistantships.


Most pay a quarterly stipend plus tuition and health insurance, and sometimes non-resident supplemental tuition. Offers are made by the UCSB Graduate Division.


GSRs pay a monthly stipend plus tuition, health insurance, and non-resident supplemental tuition. Offers are made by individual faculty members.

Teaching Assistantships (TAships)

TA-ships pay a monthly stipend plus tuition and health insurance.  TA positions, however, do not cover non-resident supplemental tuition. Offers are made by the department.

Need-based Financial Aid

Need-based aid is only available for domestic students. To apply for aid, a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted separately. More information is available through the UCSB Financial Aid Office.


Consult the Graduate Division website for more information on Graduate Student Fees and Fee Remission. The UCSB Office of the Registrar lists a summary of quarterly fees and expenses.


Please see our selective list of fellowships and scholarships for graduate students here. The federal government, foreign governments, and private philanthropic organizations sponsor these award programs; they provide funding based on academic merit and other criteria to support advanced study or research in the U.S. and abroad after completion of the bachelor‘s degree. See the individual programs‘ official websites for complete information on eligibility requirements, application procedures, application forms, and exact filing deadlines. Many sites also include profiles of past winners.