Chair's Message

Professor and Chair, Dr. Frederic Gibou

Great things are in store for our Department. Please consider making a gift in support of the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Design Projects and Labs endowment. Thank you for sharing our vision.

On behalf of our faculty and staff, welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UCSB.
UCSB's Department of Mechanical Engineering has skyrocketed in prestige in the past two decades, going from number 42 to being solidly placed in the top ten departments in the country (the last NRC ranking placed it at number 7). The department keeps expanding, and is now poised to embark on the next stage of strategic growth. We are currently pursuing the creation of new academic programs, new vigorous research initiatives, and new relations with industrial partners.
Our faculty has a sustained and distinguished track record of scholarly achievement and includes several members of the National Academy of Engineering, Sloan Fellows, ASME Fellows, IEEE Fellows, SIAM Fellows, CAREER award recipients, and many more. Our department's faculty has world-renowned strengths in six areas of research, each with their own specialization as well as cross-pollination between areas:
·       BioEngineering and Systems Biology (BESB) focuses on the mechanics of biological systems, microfluidic and nanofluidic devices to create next generation technologies for sensing, sorting and analyzing biological molecules, as well as theoretical and computational modeling of dynamic biological systems.
·       Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) focuses on the design and the application of novel algorithms for the simulation of important physical and biological processes. Since CSE is the third paradigm of scientific discovery, it is intertwined with all other areas of research.
·       Dynamical Systems and Controls focuses on dynamic systems utilizing mechanical functions, such as vehicles, flexible structures, robotic arms, electromagnetic actuators, or fluid systems.
·       Micro and Nano Technology focuses on the design, analysis, and control of nanometer scale structure and functions. It plays a significant role in the BESB.
·       Solid Mechanics, Materials and Structures focuses on the behavior of new and advanced materials and on large-scale computational techniques and optimization applied to mechanics.
·       Fluid and Thermal Science focuses on the understanding of various fundamental aspects of thermodynamics and heat transfer related to practical engineering problems, such as energy and materials processing and manufacturing.
The faculty shares a strong commitment to the education and professional growth of our undergraduate and graduate students. UCSB offers a vibrant collaborative environment where researchers across campus work on exciting new science and engineering with far reaching impacts. In addition, students have the opportunity to have mentoring from experts from all Engineering and Science Departments on campus. As such, their research seeks to answer crucial questions that transcend the boundaries of traditional fields and to provide them with the training to be the next generation of Mechanical Engineers. Our students have become leaders in top universities in academia, cutting edge industries (Google, Apple, Intel, SpaceX, etc.) and national laboratories or have created their own companies.
I am extremely thankful for our generous alumni and donors, whose support continues to play a crucial role in securing our stature and furthering innovation in education and research. Thank you!
I invite you to contact me with questions and inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.
With kind regards,
Frederic Gibou
Professor & Chair

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