Information about the Shared Comsol License Pool


Since 2007 the Mechanical Engineering Department has managed a shared pool of COMSOL research licenses as a service to researchers who use the software for UCSB-related research. Commercial use is prohibited with this license.

The pool currently comprises the following:

  • 9 ea. COMSOL Multiphysics
  • 1 ea. AC/DC Module
  • 2 ea. CFD Module
  • 1 ea. Chemical Reaction Engineering Module
  • 1 ea. Heat Transfer Module
  • 1 ea. LiveLink for Excel
  • 3 ea. LiveLink for MATLAB
  • 1 ea. LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS
  • 3 ea. MEMS Module
  • 3 ea. Microfluidics Module
  • 1 ea. Molecular Flow Module
  • 1 ea. Multibody Dynamics Module
  • 1 ea. Nonlinear Structural Materials Module
  • 1 ea. Optimization Module
  • 2 ea. Particle Tracing Module
  • 1 ea. RF Module
  • 1 ea. Semiconductor Module
  • 1 ea. Structural Mechanics Module
  • 1 ea. Wave Optics Module

Groups included in the 2017-18 license pool: Begley, Bowers, Campas, Foster, McMeeking, Meinhart, Pennathur, Strukov and Visell.

COMSOL System Requirements:
COMSOL runs with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. Users who buy into the license pool can also run the software on the CNSI Center for Scientific Computing clusters. Full details regarding system requirements can be found at:

Cost distribution: Each research group participating in the pool pays an equal share of the total license. For the period 12/1/16 – 11/30/17 the total cost is $15,420, and the charge for each of the 7 participating groups is $2,202.85.

Contact information:
Billing: Julie Dunson,, x5835
Questions about joining the license pool: Trevor Marks,

Technical information:
Computer-related (media download, license for your participating group),
Support for new releases of COMSOL during an academic quarter may not be available till the end of that quarter during scheduled downtime.