Industrial Advisory Board

Working closely with the Mechanical Engineering Department, the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) helps maintain the excellence of our undergraduate and graduate programs and encourages the Department to continue improving its broad, rigorous, 'hands-on' approach to engineering education. The IAB meets every two years to provide invaluable feedback on our current operations and future plans.

Board Objectives

The IAB provides advice to the department on a broad range of topics and, in particular,

  • helps keep the Department up-to-date on current and future needs of graduates,
  • assists the Department in developing and implementing its goals,
  • links students and scholars to industry and government representatives,
  • facilitates communication between industry leaders and Department, and
  • promotes the needs of Gauchos in seeking public and private support.

We extend a heartfelt thank-you from the Department to all of our members and participants.

Industrial Advisory Board Members, 2018-19

Oliver Heckman, Vice President of Google Engineering

Tom Duerig, CTO and Founder, Confluent Medical Technologies 

Farhad Mirbod, Senior Manager, Mechanical Engineering, Thermal & Structural Analysis, Materials; Interim Manager of Packaging, SONOS

Adam Kennedy, Chief Engineer, Emerging Technologies, Ratheon Vision Systems

Shana Diaz, Director, Build Readability, Space X

Yulun Wang, Chairman, Founder, Chief Innovation Officer InTouch Health

Alastair Winn, Retired CEO & Founder, Applied Silicone Corperation (Serving as Secratary for IAB 2018-19)


Faculty & Staff Participants to the IAB Meeting, September 7, 2018

Prof. Frederic Gibou, Department Chair 

Prof. Eckart Meiburg, Director of the Undergraduate Program, ABET Accreditation Organizer

Prof. Jeff Moehlis, Director of the Graduate Program, ABET Accreditation Organizer

Mr. Kirk Fields, R&D Engineer  

Mr. Stephen Laguette, Sr. Lecturer

Dr. Tyler Susko, Lecturer PSOE

Charlyna Meraviglia, Assistant to the Chair

Hannah Morse, Undergraduate Advisor

Laura Reynolds, Graduate Advisor