Room Reservations

ME Classroom: EII, Room 2243 (40-50 seats)

Faculty and Staff may reserve the ME Classroom for single and recurring events. The ME Classroom may not be reserved for TA office hours; an exception to this policy can be requested if a large group is anticipated (e.g. prior to an exam). The Staff Undergraduate and Graduate Advisors handle the scheduling of the ME Classroom. The ME Classroom is unlocked from 8am to 5pm.

ME Conference Room: EII, Room 2319 (10-15 seats)

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students may reserve the ME Conference Room. The ME Conference Room may be not used for TA office hours. The Front Desk Assistant handles the scheduling of the ME Conference Room and checks keys out. The conference room has a large screen display that supports HDMI, and has a webcam system. The webcam system is suitable for use with most video conferencing software (Zoom, Skype, Webex) and you must provide your own computer.



TA Room: EII, Room 3361 (10 seats)

The TA Room may be reserved for office hours: required undergraduate courses have priority and, otherwise, the room is assigned on a first-come first-served basis. The TA Room has three white boards, ten chairs, and a table. The Front Desk Assistant handles the scheduling of the TA room. The key can be checked out from the Front Desk.