Combined BS/MS Program

Program Contacts

Alban Sauret, ME Graduate Faculty Advisor - 

Katelynn Ellison, ME Undergraduate Academic Advisor -

UCSB Graduate Division - 


Departmental Application

Submit all of the following required components by July 1 of the Third Year:

Graduate Division Application

Instructions on completing the UCSB Graduate Division application will be received by the end of May during the Fourth Year. The application is due May 15th.


Combined Bachelor's/Master's in Mechanical Engineering

The combined BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering program at UC Santa Barbara seeks to prepare our undergraduate Mechanical Engineering students more deeply and broadly than the Bachelor's program alone. It is envisioned that BS/MS graduates will be highly sought-after by industry, and will have improved chances to enter top academic PhD programs.

This is a project-based Masters program. A distinctive feature of the program is the possibility to select graduate courses in several areas of emphasis in our current ME graduate program, as well as the ability to receive an optional initiation into business education through the UCSB Technology Management Program (TMP). 

The combined BS/MS program is structured so that the number of units required to obtain the combined BS/MS degrees will be the same number of units required to obtain the BS and MS degrees separately. Provisions are made to ensure that courses counted toward the BS degree will not be counted toward the MS degree, and vice-versa. The proposed program of study is similar to the other combined BS/MS degrees currently offered by the UCSB College of Engineering, such as those in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. Students may also be interested in the combined BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering/Materials program, coordinated by the Department of Materials. For more information, please see the Materials department website.


Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 and a minimum major GPA of 3.5 at the end of spring quarter of the junior year


Third Year:

  • Fall quarter: Notify department of interest by emailing ME Undergraduate Advisor (
  • Spring quarter: Submit departmental application (see below) by July 1
  • Summer quarter: Departmental admission decision by early August 

Fourth Year: 

  • Enroll in 1 engineering elective not counted toward the BS degree (3 units)
  • Enroll in 1 graduate level ME Core course per quarter (9 units)
  • By end of fall quarter, submit Study Plan to ME Undergraduate Advisor for review, demonstrating completion of the Masters in the fifth year
  • Once Study Plan is approved, submit it to the College of Engineering by April 15th
  • By early-May, you will receive an email from the UCSB Graduate Division with instructions for submitting the Graduate Division application. Application is due by May 15th.

Fifth Year:

  • Complete all requirements for MS


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers specialization in six areas of research:

  1. Bioengineering and Systems Biology
  2. Computational Science and Engineering
  3. Dynamic Systems, Control and Robotics
  4. Micro and Nanoscale Engineering
  5. Solid Mechanics, Materials and Structures
  6. Thermal Sciences and Fluid Mechanics 


Courses in BOLD are graduate course units.

YEAR FALL Quarter WINTER Quarter

SPRING Quarter

FOURTH YEAR ME 154 (3 units)
ME 156A (3 units)
ME 189A (2 units)
Engr. Electives (3 units)
Gen. Ed. (4 units)
ME Grad Core (3 units)
ME 156B (3 units)
ME 189B (2 units)
Engr. Electives (6 units)
Gen. Ed. (4 units)
ME Grad Core (3 units)
ME 189C (2 units)
Engr. Electives (6 units)
Gen. Ed. (4 units)
Engr. Electives for MS (3 units)
ME Grad Core (3 units)

ME 200 (1 unit)
GRADUATE YEAR ME Grad Electives (9 units)
ME 200 (1 unit)
ME Grad Electives (9 units)
ME Grad Electives (6 units)
ME 200 (1 unit)
ME 200P (3 units)