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Changing Your Major to Mechanical Engineering

Here are step-by-step instructions for changing your major to Mechanical Engineering at UCSB:

  1. All freshman students interested in changing into Mechanical Engineering, must contact the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Advisor during fall quarter to get added to the list of interested students and initiate their core GPA spreadsheet. You may either email,, or stop by her office, Engr II, Room 2355A.  No appointment is necessary but her walk in hours are M-F 9-11:30am and 1:30-3:30pm. 
  2. Current UCSB students in a non-engineering major, as well as students wishing to change from one engineering major to Mechanical Engineering, must complete a pre-defined set of core coursework: Change of Major Coursework 
  3. Students who have completed more than 105 units will not be considered for a change of major/change of college in engineering.
  4. Before petitioning for a change of major to mechanical engineering, a minimum of six (6) of the following core courses or their UC equivalents must be completed: Math 3A-B; Math 4A-B; Math 6A-B; Physics 1-2; ENGR 3; Chemistry 1A-1B; ME 10; ME 14-15 (one of the 6 courses must include ME 14). Please view the form Change of Major Coursework to see the GPA calculations. These courses are preferred to be taken at a UC campus. However, starting Fall 2021, the Mechanical Engineering change of major process will allow courses taken at a California Community College and CSU that have direct articulations to the courses listed above. Please use to verify your courses. These courses must be reported to UCSB with an official transcript and be included on the student’s GOLD account. Grades from a CCC or CSU will be calculated the same as our UC courses, (+/- grades included).
  5. After each quarter, students must report their grades from their selected core courses to the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Advisor. Grades listed in an email will suffice.
  6. Students must achieve at least a 3.2 core GPA through the fall quarter of their second year to remain eligible to be a change of major.
  7. Core courses may be repeated as long as there are legal repeats as outlined in the College of Engineering: Repeating Courses.
  8. Acceptance into the major will be based on core grade point averages*, applicable courses completed, and available space.
  9. Students may only petition for the change of major at the end of fall quarter of their second year. Only eligible students will be considered, but there are no guarantees of acceptance
  10. Those admitted will be given the necessary information and petition to move forward as a Mechanical Engineering student. There is no need to submit a petition beforehand.

*The calculation of the core course GPA will be based on all classes completed from the core list at the time of applying.

History of Admission Through the Change of Major Process

Since the inception of the change of major process into Mechanical Engineering, the minimum core GPA has continued to rise and the bar to be admitted through this process is higher than ever. This is an extremely competitive process and we highly encourage students aspiring to be a change of major student, to keep a plan B in mind in the likely chance we are not able to accommodate their request. 

In a typical year, we are able to admit between 7-15 students, this is about a 25% success rate. The decision on how many spots we can fill depend on space and performance of the potential change of major students. Full transparency, successful change of major students have above a 3.5 core GPA. 

Changing Out of the Mechanical Engineering Major

If you are a current mechanical engineering student wishing to change to another engineering major, consult the College of Engineering Undergraduate Office.

Additional Information

College of Engineering - Changing your major general information.

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