Financial Services



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Please visit UCSB's BFS Procurement site for the most up to date procurement information 

Gateway Training - UCSB Procurement Services training, FAQs, resources, and troubleshooting

Please consult with before making any purchases using personal funds.  Business reimbursements are not an authorized procurement channel at UCSB, Per UC Policy BFB-BUS-43.  Gateway or our department credit card (Flexcard) can be used for these kinds of purchases.  If you need to use a non-Gateway supplier, please email so that we can place the order using a UCSB credit card.




The Mechanical Engineering Department has a federal express account that can be used for business related shipping needs.  Please consult with if you need to use this resource.


GUS (MECE) Mechanical Engineering Departmental Financial Management System for PI's. Please login to GUS to view your award balances, expenditures, payroll summaries, outstanding liens, etc. The UCSB VPN is also required for off campus access.

Ordering Compressed Gas

There was a revision in November of 2020 including a new more detailed process where all gas cylinders are ordered on Gateway and there is explanation and it is fairly simple to understand for PIs and researchers ordering gas and is explained in the PDF below. 

Gas Cylinder Ordering PDF (REV 11-20)