Mechanical Test Lab

Managed by the Mechanical Engineering Department and open to all members of the University and surrounding community, this facility houses state-of-the-art equipment to characterize materials, components and entire structures.
Instruments include MTS servo-hydraulic test machines, tensile tester, fiber tester, micro-hardness tester, vacuum furnace, Instron test machines, Dynatup drop tower, various load cells, 2 laser extensometers, 3D DIC system, 2D DIC system, testing furnaces, IR heaters and all instruments utilizing computer data acquisition and control systems. See more. 
The Mechanical Test Lab provides tools for characterizing the mechanical properties of materials, components and structures. Staff provides user training for tools in the lab and may fabricate devices and provide professional support for customers. The primary user base for the lab are UCSB researchers in Engineering and the Sciences.
2nd floor of Engineering II, Room 2171
(805) 893-4686