2016 ME/EE Design Fair and Year-End Celebration Wrap-Up


Friday, June 10, 2016

Check out the Chair's Remarks and get the whole Award Ceremony experience on YouTube here; for a complete slideshow of the event, browse our Flickr page. Video and pictures courtesy of Virginia Bamford and Jay Rosas. 

The Event

After months of hard work, our Engineering students were able to bask in glory of their hard work last Friday at the UCSB ME/EE Design Fair and Year-End Celebration. Every year, the Capstone Design Project offers students throughout the College of Engineering the opportunity to work in teams to solve real-world problems. In the past, these projects showcased the work of students from individual departments. This year, for the first time ever, we held an integrated Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering celebration designed to honor the collaborative work of our students. These projects were a huge success.

The event was held on Friday, June 3rd, in the Engineering II Courtyard. Student participants arrived early at 9 AM to set up their booths as June Gloom still clung to the coast. By the time ME Instructor Steve Laguette had delivered the kick-off remarks at 11 AM, the morning fog had been pushed out by an eager mass of visitors. The Engineering II Courtyard teemed with friends showing their support, family members sharing the glow, community supporters checking in on the department, and industry partners scouting the latest batch of movers and shakers. Our Engineering students impressed the crowds with new inventions from thermal imaging tools to mobility-assistance devices, but it was certainly hard to miss that giant fiberglass contraption, the UCSB Hyperloop Project. Haven't heard of it? Well get out from under your rock and check out their latest video

As our proud students basked in their accomplishments, discerning judges checked out the demos and listened to the pitches. A total of eight awards would be granted to student groups whose work displayed exceptional innovation, marketability, practicality, and technical excellence. The crowd convened once more, and after some remarks from the department chairs, the judges announced the winners. Drum roll, please....


ME153 Junior Awards

Most Innovative: Self-Actuating Skateboard Brake by Joyce Martinez, Dane Frederick, Farzin Khorasani, Michael Cosley, John Winterling, and Luis Walsh.

Most Marketable: Remote Bicycle Lock by Sean Wang, Jake Carrade, Viswahindu Rao, Shuangyu Li, and Kuan Sung.

Technical Excellence: Collapsible Dishwasher by Austin Semmelroth, Kevin Griffin, Mike Reinemann, Tim de Visser, and Dylan Shackelford.


ME/EE and Interdisciplinary Capstone Senior Awards

Most Innovative: Thermal Flashlight

  • Electrical Engineers: Lorena Covarrubias, Zachary Schmidt, Vishaal Varahamurthy, and Anna Wu
  • Mechanical Engineers: Anthony Murchison, Cody O’Connell, Rajan Kasiraj, Kyle Rubin, and Ben Harding

Most Marketable: Insulin Pump Infusion Set

  • Mechanical Engineers: Sara Maroofim, Tylong Chheung, Joshua Ino, Kyle Reece, and Mynor Franco

Technical Excellence: Hyperloop

  • Computer Engineers: Connor Mulcahey, Benjamin Hartl, Celeste Bean, Cameron McCarthy, and Connor Buckland.
  • Electrical Engineers: Mary Alice Callaghan, Juan Castillo, Elena Georgieva, Christopher Johnson, and Terrence Tran.
  • Mechanical Engineers: Kristine Lai, Daniel Vong, Dasun Hemachandra, Leng Annie Kim, Sarah Conley, Kyle Collett, Lucas Dewey, Nathan Ransom, Trevor Fritz, and Viraj Khatri.

Most Practical: Table Jack

  • Mechanical Engineers: Rasmus Engebretsen, Eirik Kittilsen, Emil Swanberg, and Sondre Underdal.

Faculty Choice Award: Lightbulb Speaker

  • Computer Engineers: Zaira Tomayeva, Eric Jin, Jose Maun, Randy Picchini, and Nicolas Soberanes.
  • Electrical Engineers: Zhengshuang Ren, Zhanming Zhang, and Nicholas Bottomley.   
  • Mechanical Engineers: Charles Bamford, Adrian Araujo, Oscar Aguilar, Anthony Mandujano, and Derek Robert.

The Mechanical Engineering Department would like to thank Instructors Ted Bennett, Ilan Ben-Yaacov, Dave Bothman, Greg Dahlen, Kirk Fields, Steve Laguette, Trevor Marks, Brad Paden, and Tyler Susko, whose work has helped our Engineering students truly blossom. We would also like to thank the following judges and sponsors:

Industry Judges: Carolyn Finney, Daniel Johansen, Duke Kramer, Kirk Miller, and John Stump.

Faculty Judges: Prof. Ted Bennett, Prof. Hua Lee, Prof. Paolo Luzzatto-Fegiz, Prof. Jeff Moehlis, and Prof. Ted Shugar.

Sponsors: Northrop Grumman, Medtronic, FLIR, Orbital ATK, Raytheon, Sonos, Roche, Qualaroo, CNSI, Toyon, Tattu, Ingersoll Rand, Tenon Intersystems, Angstrom Designs, UCSB Associated Students, UCSB Economics, UCSB Engineering, UCSB EEMB, UCSB Materials Research Laboratory, and CalChamber.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed content, and a special shout-out to Virginia Bamford and Jay Rosas for providing pictures and video, and to Michelle Mak, our Digital Marketing Coordinator with the UCSB College of Engineering, for creating her stunning Hyperloop video.

Finally, we would like to thank all its students, faculty and staff, community and family members, and generous sponsors for making this event a complete success! 


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