MechE Assistant Professor Otger Campas wins 2014-15 Hellman Family Faculty Fellowship


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Hellman Family Faculty Fellowship program was established in 1995 by Warren and Patricia Hellman. The purpose of the Hellman Fellows program is to provide substantial support for the research of promising assistant professors who show capacity for great distinction in their research. It is designed to particularly target faculty near the middle of their pre-tenure period in developing a strong research record in preparation for tenure review. 

Asst. Prof. Campas' research is broadly involved in investigating morphogenesis and self-organization of living systems, regardless of the particular organism or scale. He hopes to be able to identify general principles of self-organization in living matter, with the goal of eventually understanding the fundamental differences of self-organization in inert versus living systems. Asst. Prof. Campas' lab combines theory and experiments, as well as physics, biology, materials science and engineering, to obtain a global (or 'systems') understanding of the problems on which they work. Current interests span several topics such as embryonic development, tissue growth, cell shape, and morphological variation. Details on past and (some) current projects can be found here.

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