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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Top row, left to right, Dana Yuen, Kyle Douglas, Thomas Fork; bottom row, left to right,
Sayali Kakade, Dorian Bruch, Danny Hyun-Bum Cho, all among College of Engineering's
outstanding graduates for 2019


Outstanding Seniors

Each year, the college recognizes the graduating senior with the highest cumulative grade point average from each degree program. This year’s Outstanding Seniors are Dorian Bruch (chemical engineering), Hyun-Bum Cho (computer science), Kyle Douglas (electrical engineering), Sayali Kakade (computer engineering) and Thomas Fork (mechanical engineering).

John and Sheila Lake Excellence Award

Mechanical engineering student Nathaniel Shankute is the recipient of the 2019 John and Sheila Lake Excellence Award, named for alumnus John Lake and his wife, Sheila, which award recognizes outstanding service and academic scholarship. 

Outstanding Faculty and Teaching Assistant Awards

The senior class in each engineering degree program selected an outstanding faculty member and teaching assistant (TA). The class of 2019’s Outstanding Faculty are Michael Gordon (chemical engineering), Yoga Isukapalli (computer engineering), Diba Mirza (computer science), Mark Rodwell (electrical engineering) and Elliot Hawkes (mechanical engineering).

The 2019 recipients of the outstanding TA awards are Koty McAllister (chemical engineering), Steve Bako (computer engineering), William Eiers (computer science), Michael Goebel (electrical engineering), and Jamie Booth (mechanical engineering).

To view the complete story, please read Engineering Excellence by Andrew Masuda published in The Current. 




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