Dedication to the Field Mathematics Society Honors the Service and Achievements of Network Engineering Professor


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

In recognition of his exemplary research and outstanding service to the community, UC Santa Barbara Professor Francesco Bullo has joined the 2019 class of fellows of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

“It’s a great honor to be elected fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics,” he said. “It’s a great recognition by my peers of the work done by my research group over the years.”

Bullo studies the dynamics of networked systems: individuals in a group, cars on a highway, or robots in a swarm, for example. These systems can become quite intricate, especially at the component level. However, the interaction between the individual agents creates emergent behaviors on the system-wide scale. Bullo studies these emergent properties rather than trying to analyze the behavior of each component.

“There is an important scientific trend toward trying to explain both natural and engineering phenomena based on the structure of the network interconnecting the individual systems,” Bullo said.

To view the complete story, please read Dedication to the Field by Harrison Tasoff published in The Current. 

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