ME 100/200 Seminar on "Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators: Linking Dynamical Systems Theory with Engineering Applications" - Antonio Palacios of SDSU


Monday, October 15, 2012 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm


**ESB 2001**


Antonio Palacios, San Diego State University

Abstract:  Over the past twelve years we have been using ideas and methods from nonlinear dynamics research, in particular group theoretical methods in bifurcation theory, to study, design, and fabricate novel devices. For instance, we exploited the existence and stability of heteroclinic cycles in coupled bistable systems to develop and deploy highly sensitive, low-power, magnetic and electric field sensors. Also, we studied patterns of behavior in coupled nonlinear oscillators with Dihedral symmetry and applied the analysis to conceptualize a drive-free gyroscope system. In this talk we review these previous works and also current work on coupled spin-torque nano-oscillators that serve as a model for a micro-wave signal generator at the nano-scale.

Bio:  Antonio Palacios received his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Arizona State University under the guidance of Prof. Dieter Armbruster. He was a postdoctoral fellow in Physics at the University of Houston under the guidance of Prof. Michael Gorman and then in Mathematics under the supervision of Prof. Marty Golubitsky. He joined the Math Department at San Diego State University in 1999 and has been a full professor since 2008. His research interests are in modeling complex nonlinear systems. In particular, multidisciplinary nonlinear systems that interface with Biology, Engineering, and Physics. Over the past twelve years he has been collaborating with the Applied Chaos and Dynamics Group at the Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Center, San Diego to design and fabricate innovative technologies. Prof. Palacios's publications reflect a dual interest in Applied Mathematics and Engineering, linked through ideas and methods from the theory of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems. He holds six approved U.S. Patents and four more pending.

Host:  Jeff Moehlis

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