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Here is a recent talk I gave called Brain Control - It's Not Just for Mad Scientists

This covers my research inspired by Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, and cardiac arrhythmias.

Jeff Moehlis


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering II Building, Room 2341
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

805-893-7513 (office)
805-893-8651 (FAX)


with Kaia and Teagan

Many of you are probably here for Teagan's website or Kaia's website.
In my "spare time" I write concert reviews for A list of my reviews, plus interviews, etc, is available here.
Here's a webpage I created on The Mathematics of the Movie "21". This includes discussions of The Fibonacci Series, The Monty Hall Problem, and the Newton-Raphson Method. I don't say much about "card counting" for Blackjack because this is thoroughly covered elsewhere on the web.

Professional Experience (my CV )

  • Vice Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, Fall 2008-Summer 2013
  • Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2011-present
  • Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2007-Spring 2011
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara, Summer 2003-Spring 2007

    Affiliated with:

  • Program Director, SIAM Activity Group on Dynamical Systems, 2008-2009
  • Editorial Committee for Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S, 2007-2010
  • Visiting Research Associate, Department of Engineering Mathematics at University of Bristol , Fall 2007
  • Visiting Researcher, Fachbereich Physik der Philipps-Universität Marburg, working with Bruno Eckhardt, Summer 2003
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University. Supervisor: Phil Holmes, Fall 2000-Spring 2003; see Phil Holmes story
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Fellow and Visitor at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution , Summer 1999, 2000
  • Graduate Student in Department of Physics at University of California, Berkeley. Supervisor: Edgar Knobloch , Fall 1993-Spring 2000

    Research (Publications )

    Biological Dynamics

  • control of neural populations
  • natural and artificial swarms: schooling fish, flocking birds, etc
  • territorial behavior
  • coupled oscillators

    Fluid Dynamics

  • shear flow turbulence

    Mechanical Systems

  • theoretical analysis of individual and coupled microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • vibrational energy harvesting


  • information propagation through social networks
  • collective decision making

    Dynamical Systems

  • bifurcation theory, especially for systems with symmetry and effect of forced symmetry breaking
  • canards

    Past and present support from the following agencies is gratefully acknowledged:

    Research Group:

    Past Postdoc

  • Gabor Orosz , 2008-2010

    Research topics: Traffic dynamics, coupled oscillators

    Faculty in Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Michigan, started Fall 2010

  • Current Graduate Students

    Past Graduate Students

  • Brian Paden

    Research topic: Controlling heteroclinic cycles

  • Mike Schaus, MS 2005

    Research topic: Response dynamics of neurons (thesis)

    Product Development Engineer at Starfire Industries

  • Joey Durham, MS 2007

    Research topic: Controlling canards (thesis)

    Continuing for PhD with Francesco Bullo

  • Michael Busch

    Research topic: Social networks

  • Barry DeMartini, PhD 2008 (co-advised with Kimberly Turner)

    Research topic: Dynamics of MEMS devices (dissertation)

    Semiconductor Fab Process Engineer at Agilent Technologies

  • Allison Kolpas, PhD 2008

    Research topic: Collective motion (dissertation)

    Faculty in Department of Mathematics at West Chester University, starting Fall 2010

  • Louis Van Blarigan

    Research topic: Vibrational energy harvesting

  • Lina Kim, MS 2005, PhD 2009

    Research topic: Shear flow turbulence (thesis, dissertation),

    Director, Research Mentorship Program, UCSB

  • Per Danzl, PhD 2010

    Research topic: Controlling neurons (dissertation). Received Best PhD Thesis Award, UCSB Dept Mech Eng

    Controls Engineer at Eaton Corporation

  • Dan Wilson

    Research topic: Controlling populations of neurons

  • Margot Kimura, MS 2007 (thesis, dissertation), PhD 2011

    Research topic: Collective motion and decision making

    Sandia National Laboratory

  • Ali Nabi, PhD 2012 (dissertation)

    Research topic: Controlling neurons

    Postdoc with Steve Schiff

  • Current Undergraduate Researchers

    Past Undergraduate Researchers

  • Vishaal Varahamurthy

    Research topic: Dynamical systems software

  • Jess Theilmann

    Research topic: Response dynamics of neurons

  • Bob Hansen

    Research topic: Response dynamics of neurons

  • Talia Barth

    Research topic: Vibrational energy harvesting

  • Ronny Votel

    Research topic: Territorial behavior

  • Tomasz Jagoda

    Research topic: Territorial behavior

  • Suzanne Iwanicki

    Research topic: Territorial behavior

  • Ashley Zavagno

    Research topic: Territorial behavior

  • Keith Allen

    Research topic: Vibrational energy harvesting

  • Lily Li

    Research topic: Vibrational energy harvesting

  • Teaching

  • Engr 3, Introduction to Programming, Fall Quarter 2014, also taught Fall 2013, Fall 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2011, Spring 2011, Spring 2010
  • ME17, Mathematics of Engineering, Spring Quarter 2008, also taught Spring 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004
  • ME225DS, Dynamical Systems with Symmetry, Winter Quarter 2008
  • ME215B, Applied Dynamical Systems II, Spring 2013, also taught Spring 2012, Winter 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005
  • ME215A, Applied Dynamical Systems I, Fall Quarter 2009, also taught Fall 2008, 2006, 2005, 2004
  • ME225BC, Special Topics: Introduction to Low Dimensional Modeling, UCSB, Winter Quarter 2004
  • APC/EEB/MOL 514, Biological Dynamics, Princeton University, Fall 2002
  • APC591, Special Topics in Biological Dynamics, Princeton University Fall 2001

    Erdös and Bacon numbers

  • My Erdös number is 4: I've written a joint paper with Edgar Knobloch, who has written a joint paper with Martin Golubitsky, who has written a joint paper with Bruce Rothschild, who wrote a joint paper with Paul Erdös. There may be other paths also! For more information, see the Erdös Number Project Home Page .
  • I played two small parts in a movie called Post Concussion directed by Danny Yoon. If you get a chance, go see it!!! Or, order from . My Kevin Bacon number is still infinity.


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  • Scholarpedia
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  • Kresimir Josic, Eric T. Shea-Brown, Jeff Moehlis (2006) Isochron. Scholarpedia, 1(8):1361
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