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    2015 2014
    • December 15 -- Dezhi Yu successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis, "The Effects of Tau Proteins on Microtubule Mechanics and Molecular Motor Transport". Congratulations, Dr. Yu!

    • December 12 -- MTV is elected 'Member-at-large' of the Executive Committee of the Division of Biological Physics of the American Physical Society. Her three-year term of service will begin at the 2015 APS March Meeting, which will be held in San Antonio next year.

    • November 1 -- MTV is selected to become a co-leader of IRG1: Bio-inspired Wet Adhesion, within the Materials Research Laboratory, an NSF-funded MRSEC site.

    • October 26-29 -- MTV attends the National Academy of Engineering's Frontiers of Engineering Education (FOEE) Program held at the Beckman Center in Irvine CA. The goal of the FOEE program is to bring together faculty members who are developing and implementing innovative educational approaches from a variety of engineering disciplines. Learn more about the FOEE program here.

    • October 16-18 -- Adrian Marquez and Kuang Wei represent UCSB and the Valentine Lab at the Annual SACNAS National Conference in LA where they present posters on their research. Adrian won an award for outstanding poster presentation. Congratulations to both!

      Adrian receives his outstanding poster presentation award at the National SACNAS meeting in Los Angeles. He presented the cell adhesion work he did over the summer as an INSET/VIBRANT intern.

    • September 13 -- Nicholas Zacchia and Vasisht Shastry submit their M.S. theses and each graduates with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations, Nick and Vasisht!

    • September 12 -- Adrian Marquez is selected to represent the INSET program and UCSB at the 2014 Research Experiences for Undergraduates Symposium, sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research, which will be held in Arlington VA in late October. Congratulations, Adrian!

    • September 10-13 -- MTV attends the National Academy of Engineering's Frontiers of Engineering (FOE) Program held at the Beckman Center in Irvine CA. The goal of the FOE program is to bring together a select group of emerging engineering leaders from industry, academe, and government labs to discuss pioneering technical work and leading edge research in various engineering fields and industry sectors. Learn more about this exciting program here.

    • August 19 -- Ben Lopez and MTV's paper on the Mechanical effects of EB1 on Microtubules is accepted for publication in Cytoskeleton. Congratulations, Ben!

    • July 23 -- Dr. Alfredo Quinto Hernandez, from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Zacatepec, Morelos, Mexico arrives. Alfredo will study the Mechanical Properties of Lignocellulosic Biomass. His work is sponsored by the Mexican Academy of Sciences and The United States-Mexico Foundation for Science. Welcome, Alfredo!

    • July 15 -- MTV is awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to Design and Study Tough Resilient Gels Using Adhesive Rigid-Rod Polymers. Read more here: Link.

    • July 9 -- The Valentine Lab research on the understanding the effects of force-based injuries in neurons is highlighted in the UCSB Convergence Magazine. Read all about it: Link.

    • July 6-11 -- MTV attends the World Congress of Biomechanics in Boston, and presents 2 invited podium talks, one on the effects of EB1 on microtubule mechanics and one on the Mechanics of Mussel Adhesion.

    • July 1 -- MTV is promoted to tenure! Great work and a big thanks to everyone who contributed to the lab's success over the past 6 years!

      Valentine Lab selfie @ lunch to celebrate tenure! (with Adrian, Ben, MTV, Dezhi, Donna, Jamie, Emma, and Kuang)

    • July 1 -- MTV joins the Biophysical Society's Early Careers Committee for a 3-year term. This committee is responsible for increasing the involvement of early career (graduate student, postdoctoral, or newly independent scientist) members in Society affairs and recognizing the challenges unique to early career scientists.

    • June 23 -- Kuang Wei, an undergrad Physics major from UCSB continues his work in the lab through the UC Leads scholar program, and Adrian Marquez, a Chemical Engineering major at Santa Barbara City College joins the lab through the INSET and VIBRANT summer programs. Welcome Adrian, and welcome back Kuang!

    • June 18-20 -- Ben Lopez is selected to present a talk on the regulation of microtubule mechanics and function by EB1 at the 15th annual UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium in Irvine CA. Congratulations, Ben!

    • May 15-19 -- MTV is invited to speak at The 1st International Workshop on Multiscale Mechanobiology (IWMM 2014) in Hong Kong, where she presents on the Molecular Design of Adpative and Stimuli-Responsive Materials.

    • May 1 -- Emmanouela Filippidi joins the Valentine Research Group as a postdoctoral fellow to work on mussel-inspired adhesion -- Welcome Emma!

    • April 17 -- MTV presents on "New insight into biomaterials design through molecular and geometric control of protein-based structure" at a Biophysics Mini-Symposium at Lehigh University.

    • April 4 -- MTV presents a guest lecture in the Introduction to Engineering Class at Santa Barbara City College on Opportunities in Bioengineering.

    • March 3-7 -- Ben Lopez, Ken Desmond, and MTV present talks at the American Physical Society's March Meeting, in Denver CO on EB1 diffusion, Mussel Adhesion, and the Impact of Bond Lability on Network Mechanics, respectively. MTV organized a DPOLY focus session on Biological and Bio-inspired Adhesive Polymers.

    • Feb. 17 -- MTV is a featured speaker at the Future of Biophysics Symposium at the Biophysical Society's Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA (more here).

    • Feb. 15-19 -- Ben Lopez, Nick Zacchia, and MTV present posters at the Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco on their work on the effects of EB1 on microtububle mechanics, design optimization for magnetic tweezers, and microscope measurements of microtubule network mechanics, respectively.

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