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Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics

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    Curriculum vitae


    Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara CA (2008-present)

    Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Biology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA (2003-2008)
    Advisor: Steven M. Block, Departments of Applied Physics and Biology


    Ph.D. Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (1999–2003)
    Thesis topic: Mechanical and microstructural properties of biological materials
    Advisor: David A. Weitz, Department of Physics

    M.S. Physics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (1997–99)
    Advisor: David A. Weitz, Department of Physics

    B.S. Physics, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA (1993–97; highest honors)
    Advisor: H. Daniel Ou-Yang, Department of Physics
    Minor: Science Writing


    PUBLICATIONS (Available via Google Scholar)

    1. Dezhi Yu, Veronica Pessino, Steve Kuei, and Megan T. Valentine. “Mechanical and functional properties of epothilone-stabilized microtubules,” Cytoskeleton in press.

    2. Bugra Kaytanli and Megan T. Valentine. “Evolute-based Hough transform method for characterization of ellipsoids,” Journal of Microscopy in press.

    3. Yali Yang, Mo Bai, William S. Klug, Alex J. Levine and Megan T. Valentine. “Microrheology of highly crosslinked microtubule networks is dominated by force-induced crosslinker unbinding,” Soft Matter 9 383-393 (2013).

    4. David Valdman, Benjamin J. Lopez, Megan T. Valentine, and Paul J. Atzberger. “Force spectroscopy of complex biopolymers with heterogeneous elasticity,” Soft Matter 9 772-778 (2013).

    5. Jun Lin and Megan T. Valentine. “High-force NdFeB-based magnetic tweezers device optimized for microrheology experiments,” Review of Scientific Instruments 83 053905 (2012).

    6. Jun Lin and Megan T. Valentine. “Ring-shaped NdFeB-based magnetic tweezers enables oscillatory microrheology measurements,” Applied Physics Letters 100 201902 (2012).

    7. David Valdman, Paul J. Atzberger, Dezhi Yu, Steve Kuei and Megan T. Valentine. “Spectral Analysis Methods for the Robust Measurement of the Flexural Rigidity of Biopolymers,” Biophysical Journal 102(5) 1144-1153 (2012).

    8. Yali Yang*, Jun Lin*, Bugra Kaytanli, Omar Saleh and Megan T. Valentine. “Direct correlation between creep compliance and deformation in entangled and sparsely crosslinked microtubule networks,” Soft Matter 8 1776-1784 (2012).

    9. Yali Yang*, Jun Lin*, Ryan Meschewski, Erin Watson, and Megan T. Valentine. “Portable magnetic tweezers device enables visualization of the three-dimensional microscale deformation of soft biological materials,” BioTechniques 51 29-34 (2011).

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      [Edition highlights 200 of the most exciting new optics innovations of the year.]

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    30. * indicates equal contribution