The Valentine Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara
Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Bioadhesion

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  • Megan T. Valentine

    Megan T. Valentine, Principal Investigator (C.V.)
    Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Office: Engineering II Bldg., Room 2361C
    Phone: (805) 893-2594
    Fax: (805) 893-8651

    Donna M. Mancusi

    Donna M. Mancusi, Lab Manager

    Office: Elings Hall/CNSI, Room 1233
    Phone: (805) 893-6123
    Fax: (805) 893-8651

    Ben Lopez
    Benjamin Lopez, Postdoctoral Researcher
    Ph.D., Physics, University of Oregon
    Project: Regulation of microtubule mechanics and function by EB1

    Office: Elings Hall/CNSI, Room 1235
    Phone: (805) 893-6123
    Emma Filippidi
    Emma Filippidi, Postdoctoral Researcher
    Ph.D., Physics, New York University
    Project: Characterization and design of marine-inspired wet adhesives

    Office: Elings Hall/CNSI, Room 1235
    Phone: (805) 893-6123
    Bugra Kaytanli
    Bugra Kaytanli, Graduate Research Assistant
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. Candidate 
    Project: Force transmission in the cytoskeleton

    Office: Elings Hall/CNSI, Room 1227

    Jamie Wilcox

    Jamianne Wilcox, Graduate Research Assistant

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. Candidate 
    Project: Mechanisms of collective transport by kinesins

    Office: Elings Hall/CNSI, Room 1245

    Noah Rubin
    Noah Rubin, Undergraduate Research Assistant
    Project: Mussel-inspired adhesion


    Former Lab Members Current Coordinates
    Ken Desmond Research Scientist, ExxonMobil, Annandale, NJ
    Jun Lin Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Physics and HHMI, Cornell University
    Yali YangNanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Nick Zacchia Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of British Columbia
    Dezhi YuHong Kong
    Veronica Pessino Biophysics Graduate Program (iPQB), University of California, San Francisco
    Erin Watson Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program, Stanford University
    Jackie Ohmura BioEngineering Ph.D. Program, M.I.T.
    Steve Kuei Chemical and Biological Engineering Ph.D. Program, Rice University
    Margaret Merritt Assistant Brand Manager, Proctor & Gamble

    Valentine Laboratory, California NanoSystems Institute, Room 2404, Elings Hall, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106; 805-893-2594.