Ordering Compressed Gas

Ordering Compressed Gas

All gas cylinders should be ordered through the UCSB Materials Department.  Please follow the process below:

Online (Recommended)

  1. Down load the Gas Order Form 
  2. Read through the Materials Dept. Compressed Gas Information Sheet
  3. Use the price list to complete a Gas Order Form, there is an example to look at as well.
  4. PLEASE SUBMIT “Gas Order Form” TO GAS COORDINATOR:   materials.gas@gmail.com
  5. You will receive email confirmation when your order arrives.
  6. Pick up is in the Materials Gas Cage in the Eng II Service yard.  There is a key for the Gas Cage in Eng II, 1227, however if you can’t get a key contact one of ME’s technical staff.
  7. Cylinders must have an ID Tag at all times!
  8. Each cylinder must be signed out of the Gas Cage and the empty cylinder must be signed in to account for the cylinders correctly.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  9. There are gas cylinder dollies in the Gas Cage.  Please return them.


You can order Gas through Gateway, however the process is more streamlined going through the Materials Dept.  Most importantly, tracking the cylinder is much simpler. 

Walk In

Go to Eng II, 1227 and fill out the paper Gas Order FormDeryck Stave is the Materials Principle Development Engineer and should be able to assist in the process.  Wait for the cylinder to arrive and then follow steps 6-9.