Windows 7 End of Support

End of support for Windows 7 is January 14, 2020.

A couple years ago Microsoft announced the end of suport for Windows 7. In conjunction with computer and cpu vendors Windows 10 has been adopted. Microsoft will be officially ending support for Windows 7 on Jan. 14, 2020. On that day, Microsoft will no longer offer patches or security updates for Windows 7 on computers.

Microsoft is still offering an upgrade to Windows 10

Older computes running Windows 7 can be upgraded for free with this tool from Microsoft:
It's also important to have enough free disk space 20-40gb on the OS drive, and make sure files are backed up as a precaution. If you experience any problems running the Media Creation tool please contact support to bypass the tool and still be able to upgrade.

Backing up data before upgrading

Anyone aassociated with UCSB with an active netID has access to bot BOX or Google drive as a means to backup their data for free.

  • BOX Drive - Box drive functions as a cloud drive for you to copy files to or from mobile devices, Macs, and Windows. BOX has unlimited storage but they limit the maximum file size you can upload to 15gb.
  • Google Backup & Sync - Syncs files to your computer using space as well as you can configure it to just work as a backup with selected folders. 
  • Google File Stream - Functions as a cloud drive for you to copy files to or from Macs and Windows. Google limits the maximum mount of data to you can upload in a 24hr period to 745gb.


What to expect after January 14, 2020:


  • If a computer was provided with any special equipment (microscope, laser, vibrometer, etc.) the vendor will have to be contacted for equipment controller computers about upgrades to a newer version of Windows. If this is the case for your group and you receive support from Mechanical Engineering please contact support here.
  • Computers with Windows 7 will need to be upgraded to a newer OS to rmain on the Mechanical Engineering networks.
  • Software and hardware vendors may no longer offer compatible software or drivers.
  • Any personally owned computers will have to be updated by the owner to remain on the wired network.
  • Any older systems too slow to be upgraded should probably be replaced or retired.
  • Microsoft will also be adding popup reminders about the end of support of Windows 7.