Dr. Tyler Susko Makes Cover of IEEE Journal for His Paper on the MIT-Skywalker Project


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dr. Tyler Susko has made the cover of the October 2016 IEEE Journal of Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering for his work on the MIT-Skywalker. The cover paper "MIT-Skywalker: A Novel Gait Neurorehabilitation Robot for Stroke and Cerebal Palsy", was co-authored with Krithika Swaminathan and Dr. Hermano Igo Krebs. The concept for this novel piece of robotic hardware "represents an embodiment of the concept exhibited by passive walkers for rehabilitaiton training", but goes further and "affords the potential to implement a novel training approach build upon [their] working model of movement primitives based on submovements, oscillations, and mechanical impedances." The MIT-Skywalker "offers freedom of motion that forces self-directed movement" for each of the three distinct training modes: discrete, rhythmic, and balance. "Results of the one-month feasibility study demonstrated that the device is safe and suggested the potential advantages of the three modular training modes that can be added or subtracted to tailor therapy to a particular patient's need." Well done, Dr. Susko, for your fantastic work!

Watch the video of the MIT-Skywalker in action here.

Check out the paper here.

To download the cover, click here.

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