Poster Competition 2011

Capstone Course Projects Range from Spacecraft Deployment to Medical Devices.
Showcasing the Students' Creativity and Efforts to Address Real-World Challenges.

With faculty and industry leaders as judges, Mechanical Engineering students competed in teams for top awards in innovation, technical content and marketability. Capstone projects range from spacecraft deployment to medical devices, showcasing students creativity and efforts to address read-world challenges.

On June 3, 2011, from 11 am to 3 pm in the Engineering II building courtyard, students presented their projects and posters for the judges, the campus community, and interested representatives of industry and the media.

Special thanks to the following Industry Partners and Research Partners for their gifts in support of the projects and the design program:

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The competition is headed by Stephen Laguette, a lecturer at UCSB, a mechanical engineer and a former executive in the medical device industry. He and his team of faculty advisers have helped guide the students through months of design and development of innovative devices for a wide range of industries.

2011 Poster Competition Winners

ME 189 Poster Competition Winners

Most Marketable Design:

Team 11 - MEMS Testing Safety Enclosure

Team Members:
Christopher Merrill, Chienfu Chen, Daniel Detrinidad, Eric Zhang, Robert Conrad

Most Innovative Design:

Team 7 - Composite Rod Defect Detection System

Team Members:
Brian Gibson, Diego Rico, Jose Lopez, Todd Strand

Best Technical Presentation:

Team 8 - Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector

Team Members:
Scott Strutner, Samuel Moss, Keith Anvick, Brian Paden, HongRan Peng

ME 153 Poster Competition Winners

Most Marketable Design:

Team 4 - Dish-DRYzer: Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

Team Members:
Philip Hu, Lawrence Buss, Richard Corlett, Jeff Carson, Kelly Lin

Most Innovative Design:

Team 9 - Safetwist Wall Outlet

Team Members:
Grant Kimzey, Darren Freitas, Pierre Chesnot, Rhys Freitas, Ryan McQueen

Best Technical Presentation:

Team 1 - Automatically Engaging Skateboard Brake

Team Members:
Eric Nguyen, Kevin Brown, Aaron Ma, Travis Trinh, Evelyn Wakeman

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ME 189

Team 1: Dual-Axis Deployment Mechanism
Team 2: Strata Shunt Adjustment Tool
Team 3: Kite Control System
Team 5: Test System for Accommodative Intraocular Lenses
Team 6: Testing System for Surgical Endoscopes
Team 7: Composite Rod Defect Detection System
Team 8: Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector
Team 9: Space Based and Airborne Lightweight Adaptive Structures
Team 10: Apparatus for Studying Cell Synchronization
Team 11: MEMS Testing Safety Enclosure
Team 12: Light Gas Gun Breech Assembly Optimization
Team 18A: Baja Frame
Team 18B: Mini Baja Rear Suspension
Team 19: Regulated Fluidic Pressure System Capable of Harvesting Electrical Energy
Team ASME: H2GO!

ME 153

Team 1: Automatically Engaging Skateboard Brake
Team 2: Multipurpose Utility Bar
Team 3: Multi-Fan Cooling System
Team 4: Dish-DRYzer: Collapsible Dish Drying Rack
Team 5: Fat Head Training Wheels
Team 6: Rack 'Em Up
Team 7: The Super Stable Hammock Stand: Making Hammocks Unable to Flip
Team 8: Deployable Work Station
Team 9: Safetwist Wall Outlet
Team 10: Enhanced Single Track Brackets
Team 11: Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device
Team 12: Trash Compactor with Odor Seal
Team 13: The Ultimate Wetsuit Hanger
Team 14: Rear Bicycle Rack Attachment for Road Bikes
Team 15: Extendable Towel Rack
Team 16: The Wheel of Fruit: Modernizing Fruit Storage
Team 17: Chalk Glock: Convenient Chalk Writing Device

Congratulations to all who were involved in the competition! It was another fine representation of the Mechanical Engineering Department and its hardworking students. 

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