Poster Competition 2010

Steve Laguette Addresses the Crowd at the 2009 Post Competition

Capstone Course Projects Range from Spacecraft Deployment to Medical Devices.
Showcasing the Students' Creativity and Efforts to Address Real-World Challenges.

With faculty and industry leaders as judges, Mechanical Engineering students will compete in teams for top awards in innovation, technical content and marketability among about 30 complex projects. The competition is part of the College of Engineering's capstone courses, geared to challenge the students' ability to apply their knowledge to solve pressing real-world problems.

On June 4, 2010, from 11 am to 3 pm in the Engineering II building courtyard, students will be presenting their projects and posters for the judges, the campus community, and interested representatives of industry and the media.

Special thanks to the following Industry Partners and Research Partners for their gifts in support of the projects and the design program.

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The competition is headed by Stephen Laguette, a lecturer at UCSB, a mechanical engineer and a former executive in the medical device industry. He and his team of faculty advisers have helped guide the students through months of design and development of innovative devices for a wide range of industries.

2010 Poster Competition Winners

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the 2010 Poster Competition. All of your hard work and dedication was more than evident in the many brilliant posters and products. We would also like to thank the judges who graciously undertook the unenviable task of compiling the following results:

ME 189 Poster Competition Winners

Most Marketable Design:

Team 21 - Water Chlorination Device

Team Members:
Michael Arnold, Josh Cortez, Harold Myer, Kyle Owen, Mike Schmiess

Most Innovative Design:

Team 1 - Advanced Composite Materials Assembly Equipment

Team Members:
David Herrick, John Hottinger, Sean Merrifield, Stephen Russ, Michael Watson

Best Technical Presentation:

Team 2 - Passive Deployable Hinge Mechanism

Team Members:
Jose Alcala, Linda Allen, Francisco Ayala, Wil Haynes, David Murphy

ME 153 Poster Competition Winners

Most Marketable Design:

Team 8 - Automated Baby Bottle Cleaner

Team Members:
Philip Boyer, Tyler Hatlen, Louis Van Blarigan, Brian Gibson, Grace Urata

Most Innovative Design:

Team 7 - Portable Folding Camping Table

Team Members:
Scott Strutner, Samuel Moss, Keith Anvick, Camille Zaba, HongRan Peng

Best Technical Presentation:

Team 3 - Skateboard Suspension For Improved Vibration Reduction

Team Members:
Joshua Lee, Michael LaFirenza, Kevin Shields, Andrew Shigley, Anton Sudradjat

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ME 189

Team 1: Advanced Composite Materials Assembly Equipment
Team 2: Passive Deployable Hinge Mechanism
Team 3: Medtronic: Hydrocephalus Shunt Test Bench
Team 6: Multi-Piece Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Joint
Team 7: Retractable Telescope Mirror Cover
Team 8: Powered Cambering Drive Train and Test Bed
Team 9: SpectraFluidics - Deployable Arm
Team 10: Mix Meter Dispensing System
Team 11: Thermally Controlled Detector Testbed
Team 12: Adjustable DTS guide for ACDF surgical procedure
Team 13: Programmable Flow Generator
Team 14: Morphable Mirror Telescope
Team 15: UCSB ATR II Capsule
Team 17: UCSB Supermileage
Team 21: Water Chlorination Device

ME 153

Team 1: Self Closing Cabinet hinge
Team 2: The Shock Shield - Laptop Protector
Team 3: Skateboard Suspension For Improved Vibration Reduction
Team 4: Telescoping Ratchet Wrench
Team 5: Pull-Up Bar
Team 6: Quick-Erase: Whiteboard Erasing Apparatus
Team 7: Portable Folding Camping Table
Team 8: Automated Baby Bottle Cleaner
Team 9: Measuring Cup: Elliptical Locking Mechanism
Team 10: Liquid Dispensing Bath Scrubber
Team 11: Savon Soap
Team 12: Kratos the Cratermaker: Strengthened Shaft Shovel
Team 13: Compact Laptop Cooling Pad
Team 14: Collapsible Water Bottle
Team 15: Hill-Master Braking System

Congratulations to all who were involved in the competition! It was another fine representation of the Mechanical Engineering Department and its hardworking students. 

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