Poster Competition 2008

2008 Poster Competition

Held on Friday, June 6, 2008
11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Engineering II Courtyard

These projects have been supported by gifts from local industry including ATK Space Systems, Northrop Grumman, Medtronic Neurosurgery, Boston Scientific, Conmed Linvatec, Inogen, Helix Medical and BEI Encoders.

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The competition was headed by Stephen Laguette, a lecturer at UCSB, a mechanical engineer and a former executive in the medical device industry. He and his team of faculty advisers have helped guide the students through months of design and development of innovative devices for a wide range of industries.

2008 Poster Competition Winners

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the 2008 Poster Competition. All of your hard work and dedication was more than evident in the many brilliant posters and products. We would also like to thank the judges who graciously undertook the unenviable task of compiling the following results:

ME 189 Poster Competition Winners

Best Technical Presentation:

Team 24 - Portable Incubator

Team Members:
Ian Chapman, Karen Kristofferson, Christopher Leon, Chris Magcamit, Vincent Tam

Most Innovative Design:

Team 15 - Wireless Connectivity Extension System

Team Members: Michael Ragsdale, Francisco Peña, Siu Fung Lau, Ryan Merrithew, Kenneth Nebre

Most Marketable Design:

Team 17 - Wave Height Pressure Sensor

Team Members: Melissa Caputo, Kristen DiCarlo, Brandon Haws, Chris Pell, Christian Smith

ME 153 Poster Competition Winners

Best Technical Presentation:

Team 15 - Ergonomic Retail Ice Cream Scoop

Team Members:
Ben Goodman, Greg Muscolino, Sean Tower, Matt Wingert

Most Innovative Design:

Team 1 - The Outlet Buddy - Retractable Extension Cord

Team Members: Shaeffer Bannigan, Michael Brotman, Lawrence Kaplan, Kyle Kaveny, Ben Mendes

Most Marketable Design:

Team 5 - Apnea Monitor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Team Members: Quentin Orciuch, Virginia Shields, Shannon Holmes, Travis deSilva, Aleksandar Stanisic

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ME 189

Team 1: Solar Array Deployment Monitoring System
Team 2: Composite Tube Bonded Joints
Team 3: Encoder Accuracy Testing Device
Team 5: Hydrocephalus Shunt Passing Device
Team 6: Boston Scientific Endovascular Flowmodel
Team 7: Voice Prosthesis Integrated Testing System (VPITS)
Team 8: Automated Endoscopic Lens Cleaner
Team 9: The Inogen Impact Drop Tester
Team 12: Morphable Mirror Support Joint System
Team 14: Spherical Robotic Drive System
Team 15: Wireless Connectivity Extension System
Team 16: Integrated Oceanographic Water Sampler
Team 17: Wave Height Pressure Sensor
Team 18: SAMPE Composite Wing Competition
Team 20A: Supermileage Vehicle: Engine and Drivetrain Team (Team A)
Team 20B: UCSB Supermileage (Team B)
Team 23: Zeolite Refrigeration: Cooling the World's Vaccines
Team 24: Portable Incubator
Team 25: Photo-Purification of Water
Team 27: Thermal Absorption and Insulation Using Phase Change Material

ME 153

Team 1: The Outlet Buddy - Retractable Extension Cord
Team 2: Slo-Rider Longboard Skate Brake Systems
Team 3: Precision Pepper Mill
Team 4: Crystal Vortex Fog Machine
Team 5: Apnea Monitor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Team 6: LSB 1001 Whiteboard Redesign: Dry Erase Board With Motorized Conveyor and Automatic Erasure
Team 7: Retractable Beach Umbrella Anchoring System
Team 8: Tracto-Hanger
Team 9: MaxCline Adjustable Exercise Bench
Team 10: Integrated Bicycle Lock
Team 11: "Fly-Cycle" Assisted Start Flywheel for Bicycles
Team 12: Weight Lifting Bar with Integrated Safety Locks
Team 13: Flip-Down Flat-Screen Mount
Team 14: SSellff LLoadiing Kayak Rack
Team 15: Ergonomic Retail Ice Cream Scoop
Team 16: C.T.I. Radiator Cap
Team 17: Outdoor Lockable Skateboard Rack
Team 18: SolarVent1530: Solar Powered Car Ventilation System
Team 19: Clearwater Kelp Clamp - Small Craft Kelp Anchoring System
Team 20: Advanced Windshield Squeegee

Congratulations to all who were involved in the competition! It was another fine representation of the Mechanical Engineering Department and its hardworking students. 

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