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Type Faculty Chair Title
PhD Bamieh Optimal Control of Quantum Systems
MS Bamieh Rijke Tube Identification
PhD Bamieh The Analysis of Distributed Spatially Periodic Systems
PhD Bamieh / Turner Modeling and Control of Electrostatically Actuated Microantilever Arrays
PhD Bamieh & Åstrom Constructive Methods for Nonlinear Control of Finite and Infinite Dimensional Systems
PhD Bammieh Distributed Control of Systems of Lattices
PhD Bammieh Investigations with Optical Tweezers: Construction, Identification, and Control
PhD Banerjee Direct Numerical Simulation of Liquid Films
MS Banerjee Numerical Simulations of Two Phase Fluid Flow with Long Range Surface Forces
MS Banerjee Phase-Field Modeling of Visoelastic Fluid and Brittle Materials.
MS Banerjee Wind-driven surface Turbulence Characterization: Methods Development and Results
MS Beltz Cracking in thin films with stress graidnets grown on substrates
MS, PhD Beltz Multi-Scale Multi-Plane Model for Stacking Fault abd Twinning Formation in BCC Iron
MS Beltz Strain Fields in Self-Assembled Quantum-Dot Lattices: A Finite-Element Study
MS, PhD Beltz The Mechanics of Crack Blunting at the Atomic Scale
MS Bennett A Process for Forming Microsystem Optical Interconnects Using A CO2 Laser
MS Bennett Accommodation Coefficient-Experimental Measurements and Numerical DSMC Studies of its Effects on Gas Flows
PhD Bennett Laser Surface Modification of Silicate Glass
PhD Bennett The Nondestructive Evaluation of Thermal Barrier Coatings: Measurements of Thermal Properties and Associated Defects
PhD Bennett Thermophysical and Optical Investigations of CO2 Laser Beam Interaction with Silica Glass and PMMA
PhD Bruch Analytic and Finite Element Solutions for Active Vibration Control of a Cantilever Beam Using Piezoceramic Sensor and Actuator Patches
MS Bruch Piezoelectric Vibration Control
MS Bullo Averaging Algorithms and Coverage Control
MS Bullo MotionArc: Preliminary design of a system architecture for collaborative robotic missions
PhD Bullo Task Allocation and Vehicle Routing in Dynamic Environments
MS Clarke A Level-Set Based Sharp Interface Method for the Multiphase Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations with Phase Change
PhD Clarke Heat Transport Through Thermal Barrier Coatings
MS, PhD Dahleh, Bamieh Investigations with Optical Tweezers: Construction, Identification, and Control
MS, PhD Dahleh, Bamieh Position Sensing and Control of Piezoelectric Tubes for the Atomic Force Microscope
MS Evans Analytic Simulation and Optimization of Sandwich Beams Subject to Shock Loading
MS Evans Axial Stress/Strain Response of Creased Foils
MS Evans Design and Optimization of Actively cooled Panels for Pressure Containment
MS Evans Structural Analysis of a Conceptual Structurally Integrated Acreage Thermal Protection System for Hypersonic Vehicles
MS Evans The Passive Load Capacity of Kagome Truss Panels
MS Gibou High Resolution Computations of Curvatures in a Level Set Method Framework
MS Holden A Novel Method of Imaging Flow Tracers for an Air-Water Interface
MS Holden Effects of Hexavalent uranium and nanoparticulate TIO2 on pseudomonas Putida
MS Holden Ruthenium Red Based Staining Enhancement of Pseudomonas Aeruginesa Biofilms Examined with Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy
PhD Homsy Electrohydrodynamic Flow and Chaotic Mixing Inside Drops
PhD Homsy Electrohydrodynamically Driven Chaotic Advection Inside a Translating Loop
PhD Homsy Interfacial Flow inside Microgeometries Theories, Simulations, and Experiments
PhD Homsy Some Interfacial Creeping Flows
PhD Homsy The Effects of Gravity Modulation on Fluid
PhD Kedward A New Composite Structure Impact Performance Assessment Program
PhD Kedward Characterization of the Properties of a Stitched Hybrid Composite Laminate
PhD Kedward Crack Propagation and Arrest in CFRP Materials with Strain Softening Regions
PhD Kedward Nonlinear Modeling of Tubular Adhesive Scarf Joints Loaded in Tension
MS Kedward Resonant Frequency Manipulations in Anisotropic Plates with Circular Clamped Boundary Conditions
PhD Kedward Stress Analysis and Failure Prediction for Adhesively Bonded Joints
MS Kedward Systematic Modeling of One-Dimensional Truss Structures Utilizing the Distributed Transfer Function Method
MS Khammash Bacterial Competence: Stochastic Strategies for Survival
MS Khammash Convex Optimization of Metallic Sandwich Panels
PhD Khammash Cooperative Control and Estimation for Multiple Agents with Strongly Coupled Tasks
MS Khammash Design Issues Resulting from the Hardware Implementation of Advanced Control Algorithms
PhD Khammash The Finite State Projection for the Solution of the Master Equation and its Applications to Stochastic Gene Regulatory Networks
MS Khammash Using Unmanned Air Vehicle Teams Engaged in Cooperative Deception for Estimation of Radar Positions
MS Leckie Transverse Response of SCS6/Ti-15-3 Under Constant and Cyclic High Temperature Excursions
MS, PhD Lick An Accurate Model of Sediment Transport
PhD Lick Sediment-Water Flux of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals due to Molecular Diffusion ad Bioturbation
MS Lick The Sorption and Interactive Effects of Benzene and Toluene in Suspended Sediment
PhD MacDonald Active Suppression of Panel Flutter Using Feedback Control
MS MacDonald Analog Micro Mirror Device
PhD MacDonald Bulk Micromachined Titanium Microneedles for Minamally Invasive Drug Delivery
PhD MacDonald Bulk Titanium for MEMS Switches
PhD MacDonald Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Beam- Supported Aluminum Nitride Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators
MS MacDonald Micro processing Techniques for Aluminum Nitride Acoustic Resonators with Plate and Beam Geometrics
MS MacDonald Microchannel Networks for High Resolution optical Detection of Biomaterials
MS MacDonald Motor Preparation and Multilevel Nano-wire Fabrication
MS MacDonald Simulation of High Performance Digital Micromirror Device with Sloping Electrode Geometry
PhD MacDonald Titanium as a BioMems Material: A DEP Study
MS Mahowald Mineral Aerosols and Cloud Interactions
MS Matthys Characterization of Mechanical Degradation effects on the drag-reducing behavior of polymer solutions
MS Matthys The Applicability of Marine Algal Biopolymers as Drag-Reducing Activities
PhD McMeeking Computational Models for the Bio-Chemo-Mechanical Behavior of Cells in Diverse Extra-Cellular Settings
PhD McMeeking Design of High Performance Ultra-High-Frequency Micro-Electro-Mechanical Resonators Array
PhD Meiburg Gravity Current - Submarine Structure Interaction: Hazard Analysis via High-Resolution Simulations
PhD Meiburg Interfacial Instabilities of Miscible Fluids in a Hele-Shaw Cell
PhD Meiburg Stability of Miscrible Core-Annular Flows with Viscosity Stratification
PhD Meiburg Submarine channel and sediment wave formation by turbidity currents: Navier-Stokes based linear stability analysis
PhD Meiburg Three-dimensional Miscible, Porous Media Displacements for the Quarter Five-Spot Configuration
PhD Meiburg Topics in Gravity an Turbidity Current Research
PhD Meiburg Variable Density and Viscosity, Miscible Flows in Capillary Tubes
PhD Meinhart AC Elecrokinetic Microstirring for Assay Enhancement
MS Meinhart AC Electrothermal Enhancement of Heterogeneous assays in microfluidics
MS Meinhart Analysis of An Actively Controlled Micromixer
MS Meinhart Combination of Micro-Particle Image Velocimetry and Atomic Force Microscopy
MS Meinhart Controller for Free Surface Microfluidics
PhD Meinhart Electrothermal and Buoyancy Driven Microstirring to Enhance Scalar Transport
PhD Meinhart Fluid Manipulations on Cells
PhD Meinhart Investigation of AC Electrokinetics Using m-PIV
PhD Meinhart Methodology for Determining Influence of Soft Surface Layers in Porous Solids on Compressive Behavior: Application to NASA’s Lightweight Ceramic Ablator
MS Meinhart Nonlinear Effects in Induced-Charge Electroosmosis
PhD Meinhart Nonlinear Phenomena in Induced Charge Electroosmosis
MS Meinhart Numerical Simulation of Conductivity Gradient-Induced Electrokinetic Flow Instabilities
PhD Meinhart Reducing Viscous Losses in Microchannels using Modified Surfaces
PhD Meinhart Transport Properties in Free Surface Fluidics
PhD Meinhart Velocity Analysis of Surface/Fluid Interactions in Microfluidic Devices
PhD Mezic Analyssis and Control of Invariant Structure in Volume-preserving Systems
MS Mezic Ergodic Partition Theory and Visualization of Invariant Sets and Resonances in Discrete Dynamical Systems
PhD Mezic Large Scale Flow Phenomena in Axial Compressors: Modeling, Analysis and Control with Air Injectors
PhD Mezic Manipulation of Microsize to Nanosize Particles with AC Electrokinetic Forces
PhD Mezic Physical Mechanisms of Mixing
PhD Mezic Reaction, Transport and Mixing in low Reynolds number flows
PhD Mezic Targeted Escape in Large Oscillator Networks
PhD Moehlis Characterizing the Edge of Chaos for Shear Flows
MS Moehlis Controlling Canards Using Ideas from the Theory of Mixed-Mode Oscillations
MS Moehlis Transient Growth for a Sinusoidal Shear Flow Model
MS Nakamura Optimal Force Control Using Linearized Friction Cone Constraints
MS Odette Determining Processing Variable Effects on Nano-Particle Distribution in Nanostructured Ferritic Alloys
PhD Odette Size Effects on Fracture Toughness for Cleavage Initiation in the Ductile to Brittle Transition
MS Paden Chaos Experiment - Simulation of the Bouncing Ball Apparatus
MS Paden Neural Oscillator Identification via Phase-Locking Behavior
PhD Paden Tracking of Periodic Trajectories in Nonlinear Plants
PhD Petzold Control of Mixing in Fluid Flows and Applications to Microfluidic Mixing
PhD Petzold Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Copper Electrodeposition
PhD Smith Fundamental Robustness and Performance Limits for Unstable Systems; Application to Magnetic Bearings
PhD Soh Development of Novel Microfluidic Cell Sorters Using Dielectrophoresis and Magnetophoresis
PhD Soh Development of Novel Microfluidic Separation Techniques using Dielectrophoresis and Magnetophoresis
MS Soh Toward the Detection of Blood- and Food-borne Pathogens via On-Chip Polymerase Chain Reaction and Electornic DNA Detection
MS Soh Towards a Micro Total Analysis System by Integrating Continuous Magnetic Cell Sorting and On-chip Polymerase Chain Reaction
PhD Suo Analysis of Cracking in Ceramic Multilayer Actuators
MS Turner Aluminum Nitride Acoustic Wave Sensors for Bacteria Detection in Liquids
MS Turner Characterization and Q-Control of Micro-Cantilevers
MS Turner Design of a MEMS Accelerometer for a Low Cost Inertial Navigation System
MS Turner Design of Bio-inspired Hierarchical Fibrillar Adhesives
PhD Turner Development of Nonlinear and Coupled Microelecromechanical Oscillators for Sensing Applications
PhD Turner Energy Dissipations in MEMS Resonators: Fluid Damping of Flexural Resonators and Thermoelastic Damping
PhD Turner Energy Dissipations in MEMS Resonators: Fluid Damping of the Flexural Resonator and Thermoelastic Damping
PhD Turner Mechanical domain coupled mode parametric resonance and amplification in torsional mode Micro Electro Mechanical Oscillator
PhD Turner Mechanically Preamplifying Cantilevers
PhD Turner Nonlinear Dynamics of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Oscillators and the Application in Mass Sensing
PhD Turner Parametric Resonance in Microcantilevers with Applications in Mass Sensing
PhD Yang A Finite Element Approach to Predicting Deformation Field Parameters in Plane Strain Machining
PhD Yang Active Control of Frame Structures: A Decentralized Approach
PhD Yang Adaptive Feedback-Feedforward Control and Sensor Fault Accommodation via Neural Networks for Seismically Loaded Infrastructures
PhD Yang Assessing Mechanical Properties From Cone Indentation Hardness
PhD Yang Monitoring and Restabilizing Structures under External Excitations through Detection and Prediction of Changes in Structural Properties
MS, PhD Yang Multi-Objective Civil Structural Control Incorporating Neural Networks


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