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Best PhD Thesis Award

Year Student Advisor Title
2004-05 Hana El-Samad Mustafa Khammash  Mechanisms of noise exploitation in gene regulatory networks: Biological design principles for robustness, performance, and selective interactions with noise
2005-06 Emily Parker Noel McDonald Bulk Micromachined Titanium Microneedles for Minimally Invasive Drug Delivery
2006-07 Vineet Birman Eckart Meiburg
Topics in Gravity an Turbidity Current Research
2007-08 Brian Munsky Mustafa Khammash The Finite State Projection for the Solution of the Master Equation and its Applications to Stochastic Gene Regulatory Networks
2008-09 Brian Piorek Carl Meinhart Transport Properties in Free Surface Fluidics
2009-10 Per Danzl Jeff Moehlis Dynamical Characterization and Feedback Control of Oscillatory
Neural Systems

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