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Keith Kedward


Mechanical Engineering

Keith Kedward


Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara
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Professor Kedward joined the Mechanical and Environmental Engineering Department in 1990. He previously held the position of Vice-President for Integrated Product Development at McDonnell Douglas Technologies, Inc., in San Diego where he directed the structures, design, test, and manufacturing operations. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Kedward has built an international reputation in the field of advanced composites, working with Rolls-Royce (U.K.), General Dynamics Convair Division, Materials Science Corporation, Alcoa, and since 1982, for McDonnell Douglas. His extensive experience includes the application of composites to aircraft structures, aircraft engine components, automotive products, submersibles, spacecraft and space shuttle systems, and human hip prostheses. On several occasions NASA and AIAA has invited him to act as reviewer and chairman for design technology and research evaluation assignments. As a Visiting Research Fellow at St. Catherine's College, University of Cambridge, he performed research in design and acted as a bridge between U.K. universities and industry - identifying the benefits of university design research to industry and industry's needs. He serves on the editorial board of three international journals and continues to publish and review important articles in composites technology. As a long time advocate of integrated engineering/manufacturing approaches (referred to as "concurrent engineering"), Dr. Kedward has taken a leadership position here in the department's manufacturing and design area, thereby strengthening the College's overall multidisciplinary research program on advanced structures and materials. His current research funding sources include DARPA, ARPA, NASA, the Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Pratt & Whitney, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Naval Surface Warfare Center through the University of Delaware.
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