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Carl Meinhart


Mechanical Engineering

Carl Meinhart


UCSB Department of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering
3231F, Engineering Science Build.
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5070

tel: (805) 637-7859
fax: (805) 893-8651

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Free Surface Microfluidics

Free Surface Microfluidics

The aqueous microfluidic phase flows from left to right (blue arrows). The gas phase flows from back to front (green arrows). Analyte molecules (red spheres) diffuse from the gas phase into the liquid phase (red arrows). Nanoparticles (white spheres) suspended in the aqueous phase adsorb to suspended analyte molecules before interrogation by 658 nm laser light (red vertical beam) for detection by SERS.

Research Description

Professor Meinhart's research group investigates fundamental fluid mechanics problems at the micro-scale and nano-scale, with special emphasis on transport issues in MEMS-based sensors for highly sensitive and specific detection of trace chemicals. His research group works closely with the Moskovits research group in chemistry to combine surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy with microfluidics.

Both experimental and numerical simulation tools are developed and utilized to investigate transport processes at the micro and nanoscales.

Research Groups


Professor Meinhart completed his Ph.D and Postdoctoral work at the University of Illinois in June of 1995. Since coming to UCSB in 1996, his research has focused on developing and applying PIV to study transport phenomena in microfluidic devices. His research group is involved in the development and analysis of BioMEMS, and SERS-based ultra sensitive chemical detectors.


  • Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies


  • APS Fellow, 2011
  • NSF Career, 1998

Selected Publications

  • A large scale titanium thermal ground plane, Int. J. Heat Trans, 62, 2013, 178-183, Sigurdson, M., Liu, Y.W., Bozorgi, P. Bothman, D. MacDonald, N., Meinhart, C.D., web link
  • Combined SERS biotages (SBTs) and microfluidic platform for the quantitative radiometric discrimination between noncancerous cels in flow, J. Nanophotonics, 7, 2013, Pallaoro, A., Hoonejani, M. R., Braun, G. B., Meinhart, C. D., Moskovits, M., web link
  • Rapid detection of drugs of abuse in saliva using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and Microfluidics, ACS Nano, 7 (8), 2013, 7157 - 7164, Andreou, C., Hoonejani, M.R., Barmi, M. R., Moskovits, M., Meinhart, C.D, web link
  • Photoreduction at a Distance: Facile, Nonlocal Photoreduction of Ag Ions in Solution by Phasmon-Mediated Photoemitted Electrons, Nano Lett., 10, 2010, 1329-1334, Lee, SJ, Piorek, B., Meinhart, C.D., Moskovits, M, web link
  • Electrothermal stirring for heterogeneous immunoassays, Lab on a Chip, 5 (12), 2005, 1366-1373, Sigurdson M, Wang DZ, Meinhart CD, web link
  • Experimental analysis of particle and fluid motion in ac electrokinetics, Experiments in Fluids, 38, 2005, Dazhi Wang, Marin Sigurdson, Carl D. Meinhart, web link
  • Experimental analysis of particle and fluid motion in ac electrokinetics, Experiments in Fluids, 38 (1), 2005, 1-10, Wang DZ, Sigurdson M, Meinhart CD, web link
  • Simulation of fluid slip at 3D hydrophobic microchannel walls by the lattice Boltzmann method, Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 202 (1), 2005, 181-195, Zhu LD, Tretheway D, Petzold L, Meinhart CD, web link
  • A generating mechanism for fluids slip in a hydrophobic microchannel, Phys. Fluis, 16 (5), 2004, D. Tretheway & C. D. Meinhart, web link
  • Mixing in the shear superposition micromixer: three-dimensional analysis, Phil. Trans. of the Royal Society of Londong Serie A: Math, Phys, and Engineering Sci., 362 (1818), 2004, 1001-1018, F. Bottausci, I. Mezic, C.D. Meinhart & C. Cardonne, web link

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