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Otger Campas

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Otger Campas


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering II bldg., room 2334
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

tel: (805) 893-4015
fax: (805) 893-8651

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Our group is broadly interested in morphogenesis and self-organization of living systems, regardless of the particular organism or scale. We work to identify general principles of self-organization in living matter, with the goal of eventually understanding the fundamental differences of self-organization in inert versus living systems. We combine theory and experiments, as well as physics, biology, materials science and engineering, to obtain a global (or 'systems') understanding of the problems on which we work. Our current interests span several topics such as embryonic development, tissue growth, cell shape, and morphological variation.

Research Groups


  • Mellichamp Endowed Chair in Systems Biology, 2012

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