University of California, Santa Barbara

Zombie Debate

Thursday, May 13 | 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
The Hub
Imagine that a zombie outbreak has ended society as we know it. UCSB 
students are part of an exclusive safe house that has enough resources to
admit ONE more member.

Professors from various disciplines will ferociously fight with each other
in order to gain that one remaining spot. Come to The Hub on May 13th at
8:00PM to hear the professors debate why THEIR discipline is the best,
and then vote for who you think deserves to survive.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering will be represented by Professor
Jeff Moehlis.
If you think your major is useful in today's world, just
wait until you hear how useful it is in the post-apocolyptic
zombie-infested world.
contact mechanical engineering